Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2nd Sunday Receives Recognition

The Physical Activity Team in the School of Human Environmental Sciences will be recognized at the 2009 KASEP annual meeting on March 18, as the Outstanding Project of 2009. Team members include Janet Kurzynske, Chair Nutrition and Food Sciences, Ingrid Adams and Kelley Weber also with NFS, Mark Purshwitz, Ag Engineering, Deborah Murray and Tyrone Atkinson, HEEL, Travonia Hughes, FCS Postdoctoral Fellow, and Diana Doggett, FCS Extension Agent.

The idea for the 2nd Sunday campaign emerged from the Built Environment Conference as a way for local communities to use existing community infrastructure to highlight the plight of physical activity as well as utilize one of the best community infrastructures, the road systems in every county. The concept of 2nd Sunday is for each community to close a highway, much the way they do with community parades, to encourage citizens to get out and walk, bike, skateboard, or other activities that can bring a community together for physical activity. The 2nd Sunday of October was chosen to bring the state together in a myriad of locally driven activities, planned and implemented at the grassroots level. The Physical Activity Committee served as facilitators and supporters of local efforts.

Governor Steve Beshear signed a proclamation designating 2nd Sunday in October for this purpose.

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