Friday, August 29, 2008

Balance Billing: Medical Bills You Should NOT Pay

Business Week has an article regarding health care providers billing patients for the difference between what the insurers pay and what the insurers are billed. This is a common practice and those of us with UK HMO who have used our insurance at regional providers have had that experience. The first time it happened to me several years ago, I started to pay the bill which was quite abit of money. I decided to care the company managing the payments for UK and discovered that I didn't owe the money. While I was on the phone, the representative called the hospital and in just a few moments returned and let me know I would not be billed anymore. One company was sued by an insurer in New Jersey because they used this practice with policyholders. In many cases it is against the law to balance bill patients. Medicare or HMO's are examples. You will want to read this article. During these times of economic distress, Kentuckians do not need to pay more than they owe.

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